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Family-owned, Vermont based | A playful approach to serious food

Runamok was founded with a goal of elevating maple in new and innovative ways. After years of selling maple syrup to the bulk market, Laura and Eric Sorkin began infusing, barrel-aging, and smoking organic maple syrup with excellent results. In 2016, we launched Runamok to introduce customers to a truly unique product with elegant packaging, innovative flavor profiles, and the highest quality ingredients.

From there, Runamok has grown to include a line of maple-based cocktail mixers and bitters, and premium honeys each with a unique origin and flavor profile sourced from small apiaries across the U.S. Throughout this growth and innovation, Runamok has held true to our founding principles of operating our business in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We are continually growing, learning, and pushing the boundaries with modern takes on traditional products. We can’t wait to share them with you!


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