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Introducing: Maple Cocktail Bitters + Cocktail Mixers

Here at Runamok, we have been creating cocktails using our infused and smoked syrups since we started production. A bit of maple with a little of this and a little of that made for an easy base in which to add a shot of our favorite spirit and create the best cocktails we’ve ever tried. We were so pleased with the drinks we made for ourselves and our friends that we decided our customers needed in on these creations.

Most cocktails incorporate a touch of sugar which bartenders often add in the form of a simple syrup. The process of making a simple syrup is a tedious extra step and the taste of granulated sugar dissolved in water is sweet but plain. Fans of maple syrup have known for years that a touch of maple syrup makes for a richer cocktail with more character and nuance. It also has the added bonus of already being in syrup form; nothing to dissolve and no extra step. We took it one step further and made a mixture that already has all of the elements of a perfect cocktail – just add the booze.

And since we had already started a deep dive into mixology, we decided to complete our cocktail line up with a collection of maple based bitters. Despite being maple-based, they are indeed quite bitter. For darker spirits such as Bourbon or rye, the Aromatic or Orange bitters add the perfect element. For lighter ones, like gin or vodka, try the Floral or Orange bitters. For everything in between, like tequila or rum, let your inner barista take charge and use what suits you (or check out our recipe page for ideas).

These bitters are made in a traditional manner with all natural herbs and root extracts infused in alcohol but delivered in a maple base. They possess a certain kind of magic in that a few drops make all cocktails better. It is not ours to question why but to merely ask, which one would you like?

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