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Wholesale Social Media Kit

We’ve put together this social media kit to help you easily spread the word about your Runamok products to your social media audience. Included below are copy and images about Runamok, our brand, and our products to help you get started. Feel free to use these captions as is, or edit together so that they are more relevant to your store brand, your in-house Runamok product line, and your customers…

Don’t forget to tag us (Runamok Maple on Facebook, @runamokmaple on Instagram, @runamokvt on TikTok) so we can re-share.
Use the hashtags #runamokhoney #runamokmaple #runamokcocktail to keep the conversation going!

As always, please feel free to reach out us with questions and feedback, or if there is anything else we can provide. Email [email protected] anytime.


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New! Maple Grenadine:

Forget what you think you know about Grenadine. If your only exposure is today’s commercial version your impression is probably an excruciatingly sweet concoction of corn syrup and chemicals that is vaguely berry flavored. Made with real ingredients, Runamok has broken this bar staple out of its gooey, neon-red past and given it new life. It might even inspire you to revisit some classic cocktails.

Traditional grenadine was actually made with pomegranate juice (from the french grenade) and sugar, and the taste was tart and fruity. Like most things at Runamok they took the best from the past and put a Runamok twist on it, creating something extraordinary. This grenadine is made with pomegranate, lime, and maple syrup. Each ingredient is perfectly balanced so the resulting syrup is the ideal sweet-tart addition to drinks.

Sparkle Tonic Cocktail Mixer:

This limited release brings cocktail hour to the next level. Runamok has taken their Maple Tonic, which uses all natural ingredients to achieve tonic’s classic citrus and quinine bite, and combined it with their signature sparkles to elevate beverages nationwide. One part mixer and two parts alcohol combined with seltzer water makes for one delicious and fun cocktail.

Full line of Runamok maple-based Cocktail Mixers and Bitters:

Maple Mixers for the Modern Bar!
Runamok’s line of maple-based cocktail mixers and bitters is an easy way for you to craft some of your favorite cocktails at home. In true Runamok fashion, these products are only made with real herbs and spices, infused in pure maple syrup – no refined sugars, no additives. Now that’s something we’ll raise a glass to.


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