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Located in Fairfax, Vermont, Runamok offers some of the finest maple syrups in the world. At the core of our collection is our pure maple syrup, Sugarmaker’s Cut®, which is the best of the season.

We’ve also created an array of innovative infused, smoked, and barrel aged maple syrups, that have expanded the definition of what maple syrup can be. Use these in everyday cooking, baking and drinks, or just elevate your morning waffles.

In keeping with our philosophy that maple makes everything better, we also have a line of maple-based cocktail mixers and bitters that will step up your mixology game. We never stop looking for new ways to use maple syrup so check in with us regularly to see what new product we discover next.

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Our version of a Hurricane with rum, passion fruit juice, Hibiscus Infused and Maple Mule Mix: Storm's Brewin'. Recipe link in our bio. #runamokmaplevt ...

Ever tried stuffed French toast? It has a gooey, sweet cream center which is best topped with berries and our updated @whistlepigwhiskey Rye Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup. Recipe link in our bio. #runamokmaplevt ...

If you'd like to read about the boiling process, check out the link in our bio for our latest installment on how maple syrup is made. #runamokmaplevt ...

This is a lovely apricot tea cake topped with a luscious orange-ginger-maple glaze. Full recipe at the link in our bio. #runamokmaplevt ...

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