The Elderberry Toddy

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With the cold winter months comes cold and flu season. Either from bitter morning temperatures, frolicking in the snow, or just sitting next to a snuffly toddler, everyone experiences a bit of sickness in the winter.

And what cures the winter cold or flu better than a Hot Toddy? Around the sugarhouse, we are very fond of our twist on the traditional drink. You’ve likely heard about all the health benefits that come from Maple Syrup, and if not, check out our articles on our Facebook page.

Elderberry, too, has received a great deal of notoriety about its curative powers. With the superelixir of Maple and elderberry together, well it seemed like a no-brainer to indulge even more in our Elderberry Infused Syrup during these cold months. Hence, our Elderberry Toddy.

Elderberry Toddy

  • 2oz Rye (or Whiskey, or Bourbon)
  • 1oz Elderberry Infused Syrup
  • Top it all off with boiling water to fill your cup

Feel free to adjust all measurements to personal preference. This Toddy has the Runamok Maple Team’s stamp of approval. On one particularly cold day, when more than one of our Crew members were feeling the winter chills, we discovered this fantastic combination and ended up making more than one batch for everyone to enjoy. It seemed to have done the trick for us, so go try it out for yourself. And please note, it tastes pretty good when you are well, too.