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Pairing Runamok Syrups with Cheese

Perhaps our greatest discovery with the infused, smoked and barrel-aged syrups is finding out how well they pair with cheese. One night at a party, we set out the Pecan Wood Smoked Maple with sharp cheddar and the guests loved it.  Realizing we were on to something, we went out and purchased a whole variety of cheeses, tried all kinds of different combinations, and wrote down our absolute favorites in the list below.  We were constantly amazed at how the syrup would bring out nuances of the cheese we hadn’t tasted before.

Obviously, there are thousands of different kinds of cheese so we expect to add to this list in the years to come, but the ones below can be found in any supermarket.  We found the best way to serve them together is to just set up your cheese on a cracker and then pour a few drops over the top.  If you have the 250 ml bottles or larger, transfer some syrup into a smaller carafe.  If you have the smaller 60 ml bottles just put them right on the tray.  Enjoy and let us know if you discover any pairings you want to share.

Elderberry Infused Maple

Hibiscus Infused Maple

Bourbon Barrel-aged Maple


Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple

Smoked Maple