Love That Hat

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The Kentucky Derby is one of America’s great parties like Mardi Gras and Burning Man. All three include outrageous hats but the Derby has the best drink associated with it; the Mint Julep. The Julep consists of bourbon, simple syrup, and mint, all served over crushed ice (it is hot in Kentucky). What a perfect opportunity to substitute our new Strawberry Rose Infused Maple for the simple syrup and what a delicious result. The strawberry and rose notes float on top of the palate and the light maple is a much better companion to the bourbon than plain simple syrup. Where’s my wide brim with the ostrich feather and silver tulle?

Love That Hat

6 mint leaves

¼ – 1/2oz Strawberry Rose Infused Maple Syrup

2oz bourbon

Crushed ice

Cut strawberry garnish

Put the mint, maple syrup and bourbon in a short glass and muddle the mint with the back of a spoon for a minute. Strain the leaves or leave some or all.  Add crushed ice and stir.  Serve with a sliced strawberry or mint garnish.