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Sunday Brunch is a nice time to have a low-alcohol cocktail to ease you into your day.  This one is an excellent choice, using our Maple Tonic, grapefruit juice and vodka. To give it that some-something, it also includes a few dashes of Floral Bitters that give the drink complexity. I’ve named it after my favorite brunch place, Isabella’s in NYC which, sadly, closed in 2017. 



¾ oz Runamok Maple Tonic

¾ oz fresh grapefruit juice

½ oz vodka

2 dashes Runamok Floral Bitters

2 oz seltzer


Fresh lime garnish


In a tall glass, pour in the Maple Tonic, grapefruit juice, vodka and bitters and stir.  Top it off with seltzer and ice and garnish with a lime.