What Does One Do with Sparkle Syrup?

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Sparkle Syrup is made with pure maple syrup and pearlescent mica.  The sparkles are flavorless so the syrup can be used anywhere you would put regular maple syrup like pancakes or waffles.  But to play up the fun of the sparkles, we have a few suggestions to create a little magic.


  1. Make a sparkly lemonade.  Combine 1 cup of water with ¼ cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Add 1 – 2 tablespoons of Sparkle Syrup, depending on taste, and stir.  Add ice and serve in a tall glass. Practice your “Ala Shazams” on a younger sibling while drinking your sparkly lemonade to see if you can’t turn them into a newt.IMG 0252
  2. Serve with sliced apples.  Pick a fine, crisp apple and slice, removing the seeds and core. Put out a small bowl or ramekin full of Sparkle Syrup and dip the apples (bananas are nice too) into the syrup for an added kick of sweetness. Consider asking a parent to upgrade your wand to something with more power.IMG 0114
  3. Sunday French toast. Break an egg into a shallow dish and add about ½ cup milk, then whisk together.  Dip a slice of bread into the batter and put into a hot pan with a small pat of butter.  Give the toast a few minutes to brown and flip.  When both sides are brown, remove from the pan and dot with extra butter and a healthy pour of sparkle syrup. Ponder why the French get to have toast like this all the time.IMG 0227
  4. For grown-ups only, make a cocktail using it as the simple syrup.  One suggestion is the Dazzling Darby: 1oz bourbon, 1oz Pimm’s, .75oz fresh lemon juice, .75oz Sparkle Syrup. Muddle with cucumber, pour over ice, stir. Think of how important it is to keep some goofiness in your life.IMG 0375
  5. Put some in your coffee or tea. Prepare your coffee or tea (hot or cold) the way you normally do and add some Sparkle Syrup as the sweetener (as a general rule 1 tsp granulated sugar = 1 tsp maple syrup). Reflect on how the tea looks like it has little stars floating around and rename it Galax-tea.


If you make any discoveries of Sparkle Syrup making dishes or drinks more magical, please share them with us. We have a Community section of our website and we would gladly add it.

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