Summer Cocktails to Brighten Your Spirits

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Boozy, tart, cold and fruity – these are all things we want in a summer cocktail. When we first started infusing maple syrup, we recognized that they would be excellent in cocktails and so we started experimenting. There are now over 60 cocktail recipes using our syrups that you can find on our website.  It has occurred to us that some may pause before using maple syrup in a cocktail, fearing it will taste like Sunday breakfast.  Quite the opposite.  In most recipes, you only use a little, giving the drink a complexity that you’d miss it if it wasn’t there. Most of our cocktail recipes are entirely original like The Rooftop Kiss but others are derivations of beloved classics, like Matt’s Margarita.  You are welcome to peruse our drinks section to see what looks enticing to you but if you’d like some suggestions, these are a few of our favorites.


First up for a great summer cocktail is Peach Sangria because 1. We are peach snobs and only buy them fresh at the height of their season which is mid to late summer. 2. There are 3 different Runamok syrups you could potentially use that steer this drink in different directions. Despite being made with red wine, it is a surprisingly refreshing cocktail. We’d recommend using something on the lighter side, like a pinot noir but no need to buy an expensive one. There are only 3 other ingredients – peaches (or nectarines), fresh orange juice, and infused maple syrup. The last ingredient is time, in that it is best when it has had at least a half hour chilling to blend the flavors.


The next up is the Maple Blossom.  This one incorporates gin, grapefruit juice, lime and Jasmine Infused Maple. It is the very epitome of summer with its crisp citrus and bouncy gin.  But it is the floral notes of the Jasmine Infused Maple that really make this a great drink for the season. Strain the ice or leave it in if it is really hot.


The Snow Melt is another good option for something quite original and delicious.  Brought to us by our friend, Eliza Perkins, it contains whiskey, lillet rouge, chartreuse and our Hibiscus Flower Infused Maple.  The tanginess takes it in just the right direction for a hot summer evening. 


The Watermelon Slushie is a non-alcoholic drink for everyone that could easily be turned into a cocktail with a shot of vodka.  We’ve included it in this list because, like peaches, one must take advantage of watermelon in season.  We highly recommend using the Makrut Lime-leaf Infused in it, though Hibiscus is also good.  Put a pitcher of this out at your next picnic so the kids can enjoy it and leave a bottle of vodka nearby if the adults want to switch it up.


Lastly, if it is a really hot, humid night, try the Rooftop Kiss.  Made with unfiltered sake and Jasmine Infused Maple, it is the essence of sultry.  It is hard to describe how it is that all of the elements in this drink work so well together but suffice it to say, it was our favorite drink of last August. The ratio for this drink is 3 parts sake to 1 part Jasmine maple but you could start lower (like 4:1) and take it from there. This one is really special.


Other summer favorites include:

Matt’s Margarita,

Maple Mai Tai,

and the Wardrobe Malfunction.


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