Elevate your Ice Cream with Runamok Maple Syrups

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Ice cream topped with maple – perhaps you’ve tried it or maybe you haven’t. For those who have, you know that pure maple syrup over vanilla ice cream is a revelation.  We have enjoyed our Sugarmaker’s Cut pure maple on Vermont’s own Ben & Jerry’s vanilla for years.  But when we started our line of infused and barrel-aged maple syrups, we realized there was a whole new territory of deliciousness to be charted. Our barrel-aged syrups on vanilla was euphoric, especially the Bourbon Barrel-Aged. This combination is just one of many we discovered when we went and bought three bags of every flavor of ice cream we could find and set out bowls, syrup and spoons in front of 12 hungry woods crew.  (We could not find a more appropriate group of people than those who burn thousands of calories walking up mountains every day.) It was an epic afternoon of gluttony and we proudly offer this list of our findings.

There are many more combinations waiting to be discovered and if you find a new favorite, please share with us.

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